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Broken screw L3, help I know nothing!

Started by rachelove on 03/08/2013 12:00pm

I'll be brief but please help me I have horrible hospital staff and I'm so scared they are rude and no one will tell me what to expect with my back! Answers to any of the questions would help me so so so SO much

Had a fusion and also instrumentation after a car accident. One year later, May 2012, another car accident. I immediately started having back pain and my spine would make a creaking sound in the morning. Everyone told me I was fine, but I was not. A screw fractured, they just didn't see it in the xray. I came back because of throbbing leg pain and back pain making me bedridden! They said the screw had completely snapped in half and one end was push on my nerve. That leg is weak and numb, and they said they have to take out the screw and saw down the bone.

1. Do I have to learn how to walk again?
2. Do I have to stay in the hospital again?
3. How can I make sure they don't mistreat me and neglect me this time?
4. There is finally medical proof of the pain that I have, and I didn't get offered anything for pain. I don't have a record or a drug problem, and Aleve isn't cutting it. How can I get that help?
5. Can I have them take the rest of the hardware out since my spine is fused?
6. What can i expect with pain and my physical limitations?
7. I developed PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder from the first incident...How can I get them to understand I need to be kept calm? I don't want to have a panic attack and open my wound or something terrible like that, I can't afford therapy anymore, disability thinks I'm a liar, my settlement is taking FOREVER, I don't know how I am going to be able to deal with this I still have flashbacks and nightmares about it.

Sorry, didn't mean to vent there but I'm sick and tired of the doctors leaving me in the dark about everything and the nurses treating me like a liar and purposely "blowing out" my veins by pushing the needles in too fast:(


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