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screws l1- l3 due to spinal fracture

Started by sarahbuts03 on 03/05/2013 1:36pm

hi all,

hope someone can help with my question.

In 2005 I was attacked abroad and the guy fractured my spine. They put screws l1-l3 and although i had some pain thereafter i managed it with paramol. The last year the pain has been totally unbearable and i am curently taking tramadol diclofenic and cocodamol under gp prescription. if i miss one dose i am totally immobile, if they work at all as lately i seem to becoming immune to their effects and am in constant pain.

i have been referred to my local hospital but will take a month to see someone.
I really think taking the screws out will help but is that blind optimisim? All the pain is around the area of the hardware....

thanks for taking the time to read this btw x

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