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Failed back surgery with complications

Started by 1647862141@facebook on 02/10/2013 1:31pm

I had a laminectomy (no fusion) for lumber (L3 and L4) spinal stenosis 3 months ago but have steadily gotten worse than I was before the surgery. About 1 month in I started with a weak right leg and now I have severe nerve pain from my waist down, and also in both legs. I also have a symptom that nobody seems to understand--pressure and numbness in my abdomen and back. My right leg is so weak that I have to use a cane. My right foot is totally numb and my leg is cold to the touch. My NS dumped me, saying she did not know what was wrong. The MRI showed stenosis in L3 and L4 but also some in L5 and S1 (but she did not do this area). My symptoms seem to involve the L5 and S1, yet she refuses to look any further. I am seeing a D.O. who is going to do more epidural steroid injections. However he thinks that the severe pressure in my abdomen and back may be due to stenosis in the thoracic region so he ordered an MRI of that area. I have been to another doctor and he also has no answers. My balance is also off sometimes, particularly when I am given muscle relaxers for severe stiff legs. I think the muscle relaxers have this effect. Any thought on what is going on and how to get another surgeon to listen to me. How about alternative treatments such as chiropractic for spinal decompression. I have tried acupuncture with no real relief. I don't know if I am ever going to lead a normal life again.

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OMG..you sound just like me..I had my surgery 3 months ago too....I had a laminectomy...discectomy and fusion....on L3-4..now my PM just gave me an EMG and said my L5S1 is pinched....I had no relief what so ever after the surgery...I have been going down hill....can't walk outside my house...I can go to the store sometimes but sometimes it's so bad...I find it easier when I use a shopping cart..without one...I am in trouble..the pain really starts..I am waiting for a ct mylogram that the surgeon wants me to get...but I will tell you..I don't think I can handle another surgery...that was PAINFUL....so....I am like you...don't know what to do...I guess I will find out more after the mylogram and will let you know...in the mean time..hang in there,,!