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osteoporosis pain

Started by 1230088418@facebook on 01/15/2013 8:34am

hi I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis after chronic pain in my upper back and neck for 6 months, i cant start adcal until after my blood tests next week but need some good pain relief now. I work full time as a carer and do a lot of manual handling so i am struggling to cope with this daily pain

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hi vicky sorry you have this prob. I no how bad it feels, I tryed to continue to work but it got to the point I was having probs with legs and feet takeing meds company didnt like that so I had to give up. its not to fun to just give up like that but. after they fixed my back I thought maybe I could go find somthing to do. but when they fuse your lumbar all together you cant bend over theres lots of things I cant do anymore. I dnt have the pain that I had. that to me is more important . find a good ortho surgeon. I looked on line and read what his pateints said about there surgerys. thats how I found mine. good luck in future,


Hi Vicky,
We share the same first name:) Yes, the pain from Osteoporosis isn't something we would wish on anyone. Last year, after my Doctor discovered I had tiny breaks in my shoulders, he placed me on Fosamax. I thought increasing my Vitamin D and taking the Fosamax would be enough to care for my bones and help to reverse the painful effects I was going through, after all, I thought I had plenty of time before this illness got worse, I'm just now 51 years of age. I was wrong. To deal with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis requires much more.
Just 3 weeks ago, I was at a well-known amusement park (starts with D) and I was on a child's ride with my young Granddaughter. The ride gave us a strong "slam"as it shifted directions. There wasn't any rider protection, just cold metal seats.That child's ride was enough of a jolt to shatter my tailbone. I'm on two months bed-rest and unable to work or for that mater, I'm limited to only being able to attend to my personal care needs. To fill my days in bed, I'm reading everything I can about reversing the effects of Osteoporosis. I'm discovering we must improve our diets and we really do need serious impact excersize. Just walking isn't enough, Aerobic excersize of your choice is vital. We need to include a specific list of vitamins and minerals in our diet. Vitamin D needs Vitamin K in order to be of benefit to bone health, Vitamen A, magnesium, albumin, phosphorus, zinc,boron, manganese, Copper,Silica, a good B complex b2, b6, b12, fiolate, amino and fatty acids. As science progresses, we are finding out how vital these vitamens and minerals are to maintaining our bones. If we don't have a healthy structure for our bodies, very little else matters. Wishing you the best of health.