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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Neck pain.

please help me!

Started by 1172526531@facebook on 01/14/2013 3:57pm

HELLO. Need some advice. I am at my wits end. I had a L4 rupture last june had it repaired after emergency surgery. went back into surgery a week later for re herniation and a huge csf leak ( was repaired with laminectomy and disectomy) . my back is killing me and
my doctor says nothing is wrong. I lost my job as a respiratory therapist because I certainly cant lift a patient I have horrible sciatica down both legs. Too make things worse went into my third surgery in october due c6 rupturing. Had my neck fused. and the last week my right arm is numb along with my hand. I called to let the nuerosurgeon know to see if he wanted to do an mri since i see him tomm and the nurse got on the phone and said he doesnt want nothing. I really like him but, I just have a gut feeling he is getting tired of me complaining. This is really starting to get too me. I just want to feel better. Any advice. I am not sure if we can mention docs on this site but can anyone tell me if they know of a good spine surgeon in chicago or the northwest indiana area. Also. when I see him tomm. any advice on what to say to him tomm. I feel like such a complainer.

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I'm so sorry to hear of you predicament. I'm a patient like you and fairly certain your experiencing nerve pain. The question is, why? I had a 2 level lumbar fusion (l4,5-L5,S1) in 2007 and while I was NEVER pain free, the difference was amazing.
2 yrs ago, I blew a disc in my neck (C6,7) and had that fused in Sept of 2012.
Shortly after the injury to my C-pine, I developed sciatica pain in my left leg.
So far the C-spine fusion hasn't improved my related back, shoulder and arm pain, and this sciatica is nuts!
So I KNOW, just like you KNOW, there is something wrong and it's causing pain. The question is, is it treatable? ( By that, I don't just mean meds to cover up the problem.)
If you don't feel this Dr. is doing his best to find out what's going on, get a second opinion, heck, get a 3rd.
I hope you had good news from your visit w/ the Dr.. Please let me know how you are.


Thank for the one and only reply. very much appreciated. Had a great offuce visit with Doc Today. He Found why I still have lower pain. So I am not crazy after all. :) My xrays show slippage of vertebrae in the L5 area. we talked about fusion but it is going to be very last resort. In the mean time sending me for a MRI
of thoracic spine because my arm keeps going numb and my neck looks fine is starting to fuse. Did get bad news from social security they denied me because I am young and educated. so unfair.