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Young with multiple disc herniations

Started by jgonzalez626 on 01/09/2013 7:37pm

Hello i'm hoping to get some advice on my condition as I don't know what to do now.I'm 23 yrs old with 7-8 herniated discs ( 3 in neck, the rest in lower mid back) and 1 bulging in mid-back. I have a pinched nerve in neck that turned into perm. nerve damage in right arm and raynaud's disease from using my hands a lot. I have a limp that is on and off through the left leg sometimes shifts through right leg.
So far physical therapy has helped but pain comes back again after a couple of weeks. Same for epidural injections- 2 so far in back.
What comes next for treatment? The doctor said he wants to avoid surgery because i'm young but I don't understand what the surgery will do.
I get pain all over my body at times and have had to quit two jobs as a result. With exercise I got better for a while but it comes again. For a while I could barely walk now I only limp at times,pain in knees and sometimes my ankle is new, it's worse when it's cold. I can feel the bone hurting. I can type for a bit but there are a lot of limitations. I used to work as telephone op taking messages and doing data entry but my arms and hands had so much pain and dead weight I ended having to leave. Was kind of like a penguin a few hours into my shift.
I want to get a job again but I'm afraid to lose my medicaid, so would have to work min. wage part time. Thinking about becoming a teacher as it's something in between standing and siting and not too much on the computer but I have no college degree and need 3500 paid off before i can start.
Some people mention disability but I hear it's hard to get on especially when you're young. I know i've worked enough yrs. to qualify. Can anyone offer any advice ?

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if your condition is as bad as you say you shouldnt have a prob getting on disability, have you been to see a ortho dr, should get there advice,


Hey im 25years old had cervical spine surgery with fusion almost two years ago. i have 3 hernitated disc in my low back. all this has to due is with a bad car accident not my fault either a 87 year old man on the highway slammed into me doing 70 miles an hour. i know how u feel i am in pain everyday i have a job but idk how much i can last there are days i cannot walk i do not have health insurance. i have nerve damage in my neck and low back as well i can no longer feel my left foot. how did this happen to you? as far as advice im sorry to say i dont have any im at my wits end with all this pain. just wanted to talk to someone who is going through what i am.