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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Neck pain.

bulging disk between c6 and c7.

Started by painsucks on 12/07/2012 1:00am

I didn't look through all the discussion topics to see if any matched. I am 28 and in constant pain from my previous marriage to a man that was 350 pounds, 6'4" and abusive. whether its pain between my shoulder blades or this electric pain shooting down my shoulders or the almost constant headaches. I know the headaches come from my neck because one side or the other is always tighter or even protruding out more than the other side. I have had the burning pain in both my neck and my back on several occasions. I have had numbness in my hands and even at times been unable to use my arms. It always feels like an elephant is sitting on my shoulders. I had an MRI done but it only came up with the one bulging disk. For years now I have had chronic neck and upper back pain. I am a mother and this directly interferes with my time with my daughter. I don't know what the options are or even where to begin. I hate pills and I did read several people saying they felt they needed to defend themselves to docs or other people because they didn't believe in the pain or the problems. Fibromyalgia runs in my family it seems though I haven't been diagnosed with it as of yet. anyone have any advice on what a good option would be outside of a pain clinic? I've tried Physical Therapy and it only made it worse. I cant take anything that would interfere with being a mother...

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