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L5-S1 Laminectomy & Diskectomy / Posterior & Anterior Fusion

Started by MichelleK on 12/06/2012 3:38am

Hi my name is Michelle. I'm new to this community. I've been on a long road of back pain and three surgeries. In 2010 I found out I had a herniated disk. I had a surgeon who was treating me and told me the disc was out so much and it was severly compressing my nerve. In February 2011 I had to have a laminectomy & diskectomy and it was an outpatient. I was 5 months out and my pain level increased a great deal, and the Dr told me it was normal. I searched for another surgeon to find out why so much pain, and I knew something wasn't right. I found a wonderful surgeon, and explained what I had done and how I was feeling. He sent me for another MRI, and he also told me there's only a 4% chance of a disc reherniating. Once I took the images back he told me that the disc had reherniated a larger mm and was compressing my siatic nerve. He explained he wanted to do a laminectomy & diskectomy because it the less aggressive surgery. I weighed all my options, researched and asked alot of questions to my dr. I decided to go through with the surgery and had it done in December 2011. It was in the hospital for 4 days because it was hard to get pain under control. I went through several months of healing, and then the Dr had me start PT (no PT requested 1st Dr). My pain level started to increase and pain and pressure in spinal area. Explained to Dr and he sent me for another MRI. Once I picked up the images and was looking at them and felt as if I had been hit in the gut because I saw the disc reherniated, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Took films to Dr. appt and he looked at them and he was shocked and he couldn't believe his eyes either. This time it came out a greater mm. The Dr told me my only option was to have an anterior and posterior surgery done. I was so scared and worried. Asked tons of questions and researced, and decided to go ahead. I had the surgery 7 months ago in April. I'm still dealing with so much pain in my back and a extremly amout of nerve pain on my right side. I'm still worried, concered and scared because I dont know what to expect. I have a good pain management Dr who is helping me to get pain more controlled and treatine the pain in a very aggressive manner to help me get rid of it. Please anyone who has any advise regarding dealing with nerve pain and anterior and posterior spinal fusion pain & dealing in general with a fusion and having all this metal in your back. Support of people who has been through a similar situation who truely understands the pain and mental well being I hear helps with the coping and dealing.

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