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Chronic Pain from Arachnoiditis and the stigma related to Narcotics helping

Started by sufferfromarach... on 11/19/2012 2:54pm

I had an epidural procedure7/2/10 and since have suffered horrific pain, I was put on oxycodone and it WORKED! Then they decided I should not take it because I am only in my 30's and dont want to take this drug forever. So I let them put me through withdrawl then put me on suboxone which was a horrible experience NO PAIN CONTROL AT ALL! So I took myself off of it by myself. Now I am fighting to get my life back that I had when I was on oxycodone. I was functional not drugged up, I could do anything and everything I wanted but all the MD is worried about is his liscense for prescribing this drug long term. I can barely get out of bed anymore let alone take care of my house and family. my marriage is falling apart.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am so tired of the stigma of narcotic use, I am in real pain, I dont want to get high I want to function and live my life. I hate being treated like a drug addict when its a medication that works! its side effects are well known, they are good and safe for people like me who take them right yet I have to be lumped into the group of those who use it for all the wrong reasons.


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