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serve back pain

Started by leejoseph on 11/12/2012 12:54pm

yes i am 53 and i am haveing sever pain in my lower back it burns and then it feels like someone is pulling my back apart, i was ion a car accident two months ago and i went to the dr and they said i had artrist in it but it gettint t the point where i cant do anything i cant work anymore i need to go t the doctor but no insurance i know something is wrong can you have cacer in your back i feel like that what is giong on my wife is worrid she not sure what to do

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Welcome to the group Lee,,My name is Rene and im one of the old timers to the site, Im 45 and I was an orthopedic nurse till I had my accident and since March of last year I have already had 2 surgeries..Everyone here is very helpful to offer advice according to their issues. It sounds like you havnt seen an orthopedist or neuro doc or sugeon. You need to start there or if the pain is that bad and you cant wait ( which takes atleast a month to be seen ), you can start by going to your local/better hospitals in your area,,they usually would preform am MRI of your back to see whats going on,,perhaps a slipped or bulging disc or many other things,,Try not to think of cancer, I highly doubt it..Where exactly is your pain? does it radiate down your right leg? pain in the lower buttocks,burning of the feet? I can go on and on,,so basically the only way to kmow what is wrong is to obtain the MRI,,your choice how U want to go about it,,way to find out would B through the ER.If you go through the specialist it may take a few weeks , so its entirely up to U. untill its obtained I recomend ice for some releif, 20min on 20 min off,,,Heat inflammes the area even more causing an increase in pain,advil or aleve will also help till U get results..Good luck,I hope I was of some help..keep us posted to what U choose, I will B watching for your next update,,feel better Rene M, :)