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Burning in Back and Spams

Started by SouthernLady on 10/31/2012 12:49am

Had Freak accident twisting/jerking. Had both neck and back pain. continue to work in pain thinking it would go away. Tingling, numbiness in both legs/arms started after First week. Scared, made Dr. Appt., couldn't get in until almost a month, continuing working in pain. Worked on pain pills, muscle relaxers, spasm med. Nothing stopped the pain. Finally Dr No Work until further notice. Everything I did hurt! PT for a week almost Killed me. Pain got worst. Spasms in legs only then, arms and hands hurt so Bad I nite couldn't sleep..Cried a lot. Slept with a sock full of Rice heated in Mircowave, would help relax sometimes..SPASMS are so BAD in Legs have Video them. Dr says have L4,5,6 one ANNULAR TEAR, BULGING DISC and T1 BULGE. Laid around depressed for almost a year Not working, No House work or any daily actives I'm use to do. (I WALKED 5 MILES A DAY BEFORE ACCIDENT). W.C. will Only pay for Dr. Visits, HAVEN'Tt let me have any sort of TREATMENTS. PAIN CONTINUES, BURNING IN THE SHOULDER BLADE AREA LIKE ON FIRE!! Some days almost unbearable. Sometimes ICE helps, sleep on ICE every nite almost. Spasms haven't stopped, have moved to other places of my body..Sometimes have Migranes causing Right Temple to Swell, Dr Says from Pain in Neck. Left shoulder couldn't left arm for a while, still have to watch how I do things, and DON'T put any weight on it!! OMG NO!! PAIN!!.I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO? WMC WILL NOT ALLOW ANY TREATMENT!!! They have caused me MORE PAIN, BURNING BETWEEN SHOULDERS JUST THIS YR. I've been unable to live my Single/Widowed Life doing the things I LOVE! How do we make it w/o Work or WMC Pay because I CAN'T EVEN TRY INJECTIONS, P.T., PAIN MRG, Discogram, NOTHING!! I WANT MY LIFE BACK, EVEN THO ALL DR.'S SAY" I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!!" 1 1/2 of fighting is Very Tiring, and Stressful, to get NO MEDICAL HELP because of work related accident. EVERY DR. writes I was a HEALTHY 57 YR WOMAN UNTIL ACCIDENT WITH NO MEDICAL PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!! Gaining weight everyday from 8 to a 12 now...Brought my own Back brace, hand brace I willing to try anything...Yes, I was in a Work related wreck in 4 yrs before thought had whiplash and back pain. Dr said NO, I didn;t??

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Get a lawyer. The lawyer will put in a 7 day demand for medical treatment. I too am dealing with W. Comp. and I couldn't have done it without my lawyer.
I had the same damage you have and ended up having a 2 level lumbar fusion which helped a lot. I also just had C6-7 fused, this helped the arm pain but not the pain between the shoulder blades, or the thoracic pain.
Like I said, get a lawyer, it wasn't until I got one that the ins. comp. would do anything.
Good Luck and keep us informed as to how you're doing.
Janet :)


Southern Lady!

I totally agree with Janet. Seek Legal help! I too dealt with the same thing and I too didn't get any help until I did. W/C is so biased and unfair, especially in GA. Pray that you get help soon. Something to try, with muscle spasms in your legs, heat large towels in dryer or microwave and place on them. It does help.
Good luck!


I did get a Well Known Firm, after my Job of 8 yrs Terminated me after usiing my 3 weeks vacation time and the La. Family Medical Leave Act, after Dr. writes RX NO WORK UNTIL FUTHUR NOTICE. Haven't worked since 6-7-2011. WORKSMAN COMP WON'T APROVE ANYTHING THE 4 DR.'S I've been to. DR.'s want injections, Physical therphy, Discogram...Even the FIRST attorney has been released from the firm. Another has taken her case load. As the DR.'s say NO settling because we Don't know what Disc is causing everything. He even mentioned SURGERY if we can get DISCOGRAM to SHOW where the pain is coming from.

Thank you Both for sharing and recommending what to do. I PRAY FOR YOUR HEALTH AND RECOVERY...GOD BLESS US ALL>>>>


I hope you get the discogram. I will tell you that mine hurt, not just hurt...I don't think there's a word to describe the amount of pain it caused. (When Dr's say they can recreate pain, they're not kidding.) It took me to the edge of sanity and let me see the other side! But...it was the only test that the w/c ins. looked at. As soon as the results were received, I had an app. with a surgeon. Not long after, I had a two level lumbar fusion.
Keep us up-to-date, let us know how you're doing,
Janet. :)