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Posted in: Back pain, Herniated disc, and Surgery.

L5-S1 fusion recovery

Started by fajosefo on 10/28/2012 10:04am


I had an L5/S1 fusion in March of this year. My discs were rubbing one another and started to cause the leg numbness. He put two titanium rods and injected bone morphogenic protein so that it will fuse the vetebraes together. My initial backpain has since disappeared and my incision has fully healed (my surgeon went in from the front). He hasn't had me do any Physical Therapy other than walking and swimming when I can. I notice I am super stiff no matter how much I stretch and find myself walking like I am off balance (like I am drunk) sometimes. I find myself having to concentrate when I walk. I have been good about following the bending limitations so that my fusion really heals. What I have noticed is if I sit longer than two hours, my leg starts to get irritated, is this common? I have also noticed that I have this burning, stinging sensation on the right side of my (right) foot. I notice it more when I have been walking or standing too long. The first couple of steps I take are brutal. I know he said my nerves were super compressed so I am hoping this is just a side effect.
Has anyone else who had same surgery experienced something similar? I go for my 8th month followup and xray this week so any input or questions I should ask are appreciated.

Thank you.

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