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Posted in: Back pain.

Sharp, sudden pain in lower back-What is it?

Started by Mr off work again on 10/18/2012 5:50pm

It had been only every year of so. Now its every few weeks. Its a sudden event where it feels like a pulse or shot of radiating pain. Just for an instant. But then the back hurts for up to 10 days. When its very bad i can not even stand up. the weight of my body is just murder on my back. Today i was at work, standing and suddenly it hit, not too bad but after a few seconds a second occured. I knew i had to go home and walking to my van was possible but it hurt fairly bad.
I have had two very mild events in last 6 weeks. I would lay down rest of day and be ok. But its getting more frequent as i said and don't know what is the cause.

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