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Failed Spinal Fusion Story!

Started by Jenniferb on 10/10/2012 9:00am

I have read Spine Universe for years and have appreciated the stories that people share to help others. Hopefully,
During my spinal fusion journey I have learned many thing hopefully can help!
In Mar 09 I had a two level fusion due to spondy and pain. Everything went fine at first but I seemed to always have
some type of flare up piriformis etc. About 1 1/2 ago I started with hip pain and which then progressed to serve nerve pain in my leg. My back doc felt I had bursistis and gave me many injectons. After not being able to tolerate PT or rhe shots not working and checking that I am fused he sent me to his hip partner. Long story but ended upt doing a IT lengethening surgery. Again can't tolerate PT and still in pain. Hip doc said sorry can't help go to a rhuemotlogist. The rhemutologist thought for sure it was my back sent me for an MRI and to a neurolgist. Neurologist said spinal stenosis and sent me to back doc. Ok back to back doc he felt the hardware was causing me problems plan to take it out. One last test done was a CT test. Guess what I had a a FAILED FUSION AT ONE LEVEL MY L5-S1! I had no idea that the onyl way to really accurately tell if fusion has worked is to have a
CT SCAN. Had no idea! Well update on Sept 26th had a anterior posterior fusion and the pain is gone! I know it is stiill early but I feel a million times better!

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