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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

Pain and numbness after L3-L4-L5 fusion...doctors are clueless!

Started by 1414627143@facebook on 10/02/2012 10:17pm

First off, hello to all!

I wanna keep my story short (don't want to bore anyone). lol

Dec 30, 2009 I fell off the bed of my work truck on my butt. Instant lower back pain, not good I thought.
Worked a few more days (I'm a safe installer/cracker).
I did a 2 day install of 2-300# safes and 6-125# safes by myself.......pain was even worse when install was complete!
My boss contacted insurance and as of Jan 10, 2010 I was on work comp.
After 9 months of work comp games, double fusion was approved!
Aug 17, 2010 I had my fusion of L3-L4-L5. 4 hour surgery and a 3 day stay in the hospital.

NOW, here we go with the pain no one can answer?

After surgery and recovery room, I was put in my room. I came out of anesthesia and told my wife and the surgeon that I had a pain/numbing feeling down the outside of my right leg (from hip to just above knee).
It has been 2 years and 2 months since surgery, and I have more pain on top of that now!

I could not handle physical therapy and still haven't done it. They tried ASTEM but you can't touch the right side of my hip or leg....useless.

Here we are as of today, Oct.2, 2012~ Still have the numbing/pain down outside right leg, lower back pain below fusion has came on, locking/pain in right hip and can NOT be touched on my lower back, along hip and down right leg with out pain.

Finally as of now my surgeon, second opinion doctor and IME doctor say remove the hardware.

I hope someone can give me more answers than "fusion looks good, not sure why you have pain"?

Thank you, Phil

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Phil I`m a guy like you that had a a fusion 2 1/2 years ago. I went to NYC and found a doctor that fixed all the problems that I had in my legs and feet(because of the fusion). The numbness and PAIN, like a big truck is driving over and over it. That is on 105mgs of oxycotin 24/7 plus many other good meds.My lower back pain the New surgeon said there is nothing he could ever do I will have pain for all of my life. With an open fusion they cut through your muscles and other things that Never heal right. In your case they crush a nerve or something when they did your fusion. Now they have better ways to do fusions. But then they didn`t (2yrs ago). Alteast not in my eyes. This is just my opinion I`m not a med pro. Just a guy that has heard everything from doctors and has tried all things to get better. I`m having a SCS put in next week the meds don`t work on me anymore.I`m in way more pain now than presurgery also. Sam


Dear phil I have herniated discs in my L2-S1 and they want to do injections first to burn nerves that scares me, I called another Dr for a.second opinion and he wants to see me right away he says I may need surgery but hearing your story scares me even more I don't know what to so know I had an artificial disc put in my neck and now I regret it I have so much pain all the time but now since I was diagnost with fibromyalgia they blame it on that now they have something else to blame it on instead of what is really going on I wish I could help you maybe try injections and see if it works some it does.

Sign Joyce


Hi Phil, I went through the same thing,, Make a fuss n lots of noise,,insist on another MRI but make them check your cervical area (neck). I suffered for 13mos after my lumbar untill they finally listened to me n checked my neck to find another herniation which caused my spinal cord to have a kink in it, so this past Aug I had the rods, fusion,spacer screws n plate put in,The folowing day I regained the use of my hands n Leggs,Im still healing but it helped w/pain tremendously,,Ur job is very physical,as was mine (nurse). So any kind of strain to the spine will def. put u over the edge. Hope u take my advice on that other MRI in a differnt area,that could b the route to all your problems. Keep us informed...Rene :)



I am glad you are doing well I hope that my doctors find out exactly how to fix my back I have a cadabra none an 4 screws in my neck (C5-6) and artificial disc in my C6-7 I still have a lot of pain in my left arm and now both hands swell and tingle and in September I had a an MRI of my neck and I have bulging discs from C3-7 and had an MRI on my back and have 3 herniated discs and a bulging disc all they want to do is an injection on my back and send me to aqua therapy I am in so much pain and I barely can move my left leg I use a cane I am so scared that they are going to do more damage then good what should I do???



Joyce,,I cant find ur blog to respond, but if u read this,,Dont do anything u dont feel comfortable with. I tried the injections but they never worked for me but cause more trouble, But everyone reacts differently,. To b Honest, did u know the docs get 2500.00 an injection,alot of times they push for them for the $$,,they make more on that then a normal office visit..But again if u havnt tried it dont go by what others have experienced, they might work for u. And also remember the 1st 1-3 days the pain increases then u can tell if it works or not. I worked in orthopedics so I would assist the docs w/ the injections,,,make sure they use a sterile environment (room), and it should b done with A guided technique,,meaning: almost like a tv screen/xray that they can watch for the injection placement . If u decide for it I hope u find some positive results,,,,sorry for chattn on ur blog Phil,,How R u feeling?...Rene :)


I don' t know why u can't but anyway I appreciate the advice today I went to my first aqua therapy and it was all right different I thought someone was going to be in there with you but I was in there by my self, but I have an appt to see this other Dr on the 18th if Oct that's just next week but I am only going to hear what he has to say then go from there I really don't know what I want yet I just wish there was a maricale pill to take it all away I am too young for all this I had my kids earl so I could enjoy my grandkids when I was young you know what I mean?

Anyway I hope everyone finds what they need and I will pray for them it don't hurt for a little help from up stairs sometimes. Thanks for listening

Oct. 9, 2012