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Severe pain "immediately" after lumbar epidural

Started by NanaJo on 10/02/2012 9:06pm

am 62 years who has had chronic back pain since 1999. I did have a lamectomy in 2007, I have had a spinal cord stimulator which ended up not helping me at all.

I also have an extremely back neck that impinges different nerves which affect the mobility of my arm, but that is better so I don''t even want to think about getting that mess again.

Today I had an lower lumbar epidural injection. I have had numerous injections like this over a period of years. NONE of them ever hurt. However, this one I had was just unbelievable.

During the injection the pain was horrible. As soon as this injection was over I began to have HORRIBLE back pains that went from both hips including all the lower back. I was in such pain, the RN gave me another pain injection and that didn't help at all so she tried Valium which put me to sleep for about 5 minutes or so. The pain was gone after I woke up. After going home, I tried and tried to remember where I had felt this pain before and it was when I had "labor pains" while giving birth to my daughter. ALL my labor pains where just like I had today. All in the back. Wow, what happened. I trust my pain management doctor because he is the one who has given me epidurals in the past and everything went smooth.

Could infection in the lower back have caused more pronounced pain? I have pain in my back most of the time. By the way, I am a TOUGH OLD BIRD but this pain had me crying, YES crying! I had two different knees replaced and never went to PT which the surgeon said he didn't understand why I did so well, particularly because my right knee had MRSA in it at one time. That was absolutely horrible. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

I have decided I would rather read other people's comments because they have been there so they don't what real pain is. I am scared to take the other epidural which is scheduled for next Wednesday.

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I find it so interesting that you have related the pain to that of being in labor! That is exactly how I have been trying to explain it. Crushed glass kinda feeling when I twist or move from sitting to standing, then the low back hips and thigh pain is like the pain I felt during hard labor. My right foot is mostly numb and both feet ache really bad at night. I guess it is all related to the main issues.

I have been truly alarmed about the steroid/ meningitis thing that is all over the news! I'll never get them again.

I would be sure to let your doc know about what you felt after your last epidural.... Sounds like something was disturbed that shouldn't have been. Hope it gets better for you real soon!