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Back surgery

Started by Lena Norton on 09/20/2012 2:03pm

Looking for the neurosurgeon in Miami area for herniated discs and removal of some object moving around.
What are my best options?

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Goodmorning Lena,and welcome to the group, My name is Rene, im an orthopedic nurse so I wont steer you wrong....Which every is the BEST Hospital in your area will have the better neurosurgeons on staff. The best docs are always affiliated and have priveledges in the better n bigger hospitals...Sorry to hear of your situation...Ive already had in a 15 month span 2 spinal surgeries and another coming. I have degenerative back disease (DDD) , and Failed Back Syndrome,,I was told my spine is so brittle n my Discs r popping like popcorn. The key to a successful recovery if its a fusion or related to lumbar area is NO SMOKING,,I cant stress that enough, n Im a smoker,Thats one of the causes as to why my lumbar surgery wasnt successful and should have never been touched to begin with considering my condition. ( As I been told) from numerous consults w diff. docs after the first surgery, But I dont agree, cause it did aleviate some pain and gave me the use of my leggs back. ALWAYS get atleast 2-3 opinions b4 u make your choice. If you can b more specific n tell me what your MRI report says I can help you decipher all the medical (mumbo jumbo) , and give you a better understand if you need help. I pray for all of us on this site as I will 4 u to acheive a successful outcome. Which discs r herniated? and when u say object,,,,what did they find, ( usually bone fragment),,,or no?What caused your injury? Hows ur pain being managed? Good luck,hope I can help ,as their are many on this site whom are very knowledgable by expereience, and all are very supportive n encouraging,,so you visited the right site,,I do it for the emotional support,,unless your a spine sufferer,(the family) finds it hard to understand n deal with our emotions due to the Pain,its been almost 2 yrs for me and my family is still finding it hard to cope w/ MOM not being what she use to B,,,, N my girls r grown ( 25 & 22) , both nurses, n they still stay away to avoid to see n hear my suffering,which I understand how hard it is to not see me as the Super Mom I was,, and very active person that I was. Stay possitive,I know its hard but dig deep inside and pray for the strength to help you get through this. Hope u find that special neurosurgeon,,again just call the Best hospital near you and ask for the names of the Neuro surgeons on staff,n make appointment w their office..I hope I was able to answer your question,,good luck,,Rene M. :)