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Herniated discs , need some advice!

Started by RepeatHerniation on 09/06/2012 4:13pm

Hi, I'm Justin and am hoping for some advice from somebody who has gone through the same situation or similar. The best advice comes from one that has experienced & not always the doctor, even though everyone is diff.,
In 2008 I herniated the L4 & L5 discs, did everything xcept surgery, and felt relief from 3 steroid injections for maybe 1yr. during the next 3 yrs. I went back to doc once for same pain. If I had went every time I had pains I would live in the doctors office. To keep food on the table I would work and deal w the pain, unless it was impossible.

About 1 month ago at work I had sudden pain with no injury to cause it. Ended up seeing a different doctor & after doing a 2nd MRI he realized it's not the same disc ,, now the L5- S1 is herniated , causing major pain in back and down both legs, and numbness down left leg with serious cramping that would last for 2-3 hrs. cramped up badly , calf muscle, foot and left thigh. Left me feeling like somebody beat my leg with a sledgehammer.

The doc says this injury had nothing to do with the previous , which I find hard to believe, Can anybody tell me if a herniated disc can cause more pressure on the next lowest discs , causing new herniations. I've been dealing with the workers comp doctors, and although I have had a couple good doctors ,I know that they are limited to what they can or have to do for injured workers.

Thanks for ur input, I will appreciate any, and if I can help anybody else with their problems, feel free to get at me.

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Hi Justin, To answer your question,it dependes,,if all these years you L4&5 went back in place then the other two discs wouldnt have pressure on them, but bcause u didnt havs surgery and your not tell me in new MRI shows all 4 out now or just new herniations on L5&SI,eitherway,once a spinal problem existists most of us spinal sufferers either stay same or in time encounter more issues. Its just like anyother disease, its a weakness area in our bodies, unfortunatly the spine is no fun,Many things we suffer from and they all cause PAIN


HI Justin my name is Robert and i have been dealing with herniated discs for the past 11 years,I had a L3-S1 total fusion in 2002 and another one in 2010 to replace the hardware after 8 years.As far as your question Herniations do not work down.Most herniations gradually worked upwards which can cause further problems.Have you had any surgeries since your past post?If not my suggestion is to get a 2nd opinon and if the progression of the herniations has gotten worse then i suggest you think about have the fusion done as well.

Once i had the fusion i have had tremendous relief from the surgery,Before my operation i had alot of numbness and pain down the legs all the way to the toes and the pain in the lower back was so extreme i could not even get out of bed and i had a hardtime walking and getting around without my cane.My injury was caused when i was a firefighter for 22 years,I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while responding to a mutual aid call and the driver lost control of the vehicle and because of the accident i herniated my L-3 - L4, L4-L5,L5-S1 discs and i had no choice but to have the operation but as of today i am more active and able to do alot more but i have to be careful of what i do for the rest of my life but it was worth it.

I hope your back gets better and now i am thinking about getting Acupuncture.I have a new problem,I have herniated T9-T10 discs and so far my surgeon will not operate because he says there are risks involved with the surgery.I am running out of solutions to this problem and i am back to square 1 with pain and it feels like i have a knife in my back all the time and the sharp pain is terrible.

I hope you get better and i will say some prayers for you.Praying actually works.


Hey Justin, im just checkin in on your progress, any changes? How has you pain been? Im still eating my meds like their skittles and the pain is relentless, next tues cant come fast enough for the epidural injection.Ive had 2 injections b4 that did not work,but im in such pain Ill do anything, so im hopin I get some releif. and its so beautiful out today, n all i can do is just enjoy it by sitting on deck. the only time I go out is if I have a doc apt. cant walk the stores, we become prisoners of our own home..Hope your feeling better than me, TTY soon RENE :)