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7years of pain

Started by Bigspring432da on 08/30/2012 9:59pm

I have three degenerative discs t12-l1, l1-l2,l2-l3. Never e test results 98 percent damage. I have had numerous epidural injections and had a spinal cord stimulator put in. The trial stimulator worked great. Two weeks after the permanent one was implanted I ended up in the hospital having it removed during emergency surgery at 1:00 a.m. One doctor said my body was rejecting it, another doctor said that's not possible you must have just had a infection. Back on pain meds but the pain is worse. Saw the neurosurgeon and he wants to put the stimulator back in and if it won't work the try a pain med pump. I'm scared to have the stimulator put back in because I really thought it was gonna kill me. After I mentioned that he said well the stimulator would be better than the pain management pump. He urges me to the stimulator again. I forgot to mention two years ago he did exploratory surgery and was able to straighten two Nurves that got bent in half in the disc area. Sometimes I think the pain is gonna kill me. Any advice is appreciated. I have seen three neurosurgeons and two pain management doctors. Cant anyone help me?

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