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Lower Back Pain and Arch Supports

Started by 100004191840581... on 08/28/2012 3:30pm

Has anyone else had luck with custom fit orthotics helping with lower back pain. I have a uncle who had a bike wreak years back and had lower back pain. He did not want to go under the knife again at his age (he was 54) he heard about and went and purchased some custom fit orthotics from a local pace in Texas called Ideal Feet.
He said he could feel relief at once and after 2 years his pain is still there but he says it went from a 8 and 9 to 2 or 3. I have heard commercial and have his story but before i throw down about three hundred bucks i would like some more feedback. who else had tried arch supports for back pain? and had the same luck as my uncle?

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