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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

external arachnoid cyst of the lower lumbar spine

Started by coach Kozy on 08/25/2012 8:32am

23 year healthy female, suffering from acute lower back pain, numbness in legs-causing her to fall. On set of symptoms about 2 years ago. Had an MRI of lower spine and brain. Found external arachnoid cyst, consulted with neurosurgeons-(2) said surgery not necessary (2) said it should come out(they could not perform)-(2) that said it wasn't necessary advised that she see a neurologist. Neurologist asked why she wasn't seeing a neurosurgeon. Did an exam and said that it was causing her symptoms.
When numbness/falling occurs - she is usually on her feet for long hours or is going up and down stairs. She also has numbness, tingling in legs and acute pain while trying to sleep at night.
She has also started to have the sensation of having to go to the bathroom really bad but can't.
Need help in determining what course of action to take - can't get anyone to agree what should be done. Conflicting advise to leave it alone (wasn't a problem and would't help with her problem to yes it is the problem it should come out).
No history of trauma to the back.

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