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L3 & L4 spinal fusion with rods surgery

Started by praisejmj on 08/23/2012 5:55pm

I'm sorry you are having so much pain. I had a back operation L3 and L4, a spinal fusion with rods. I have experienced numbness in the one leg and knee. I'm now out of my brace, but I notice that some days I have really bad pain in my back. Does anyone have this? Doctor said everything looks good and to continue to go seeing my pain management doctor. Does anyone have pain in back or knee problems after this surgery.

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I wish more patients would know about spinal cord stimulators. I have had 2 back surgeries, was facing a third one (3 level spinal fusion), my neuro surgeron gave me a 50% chance of this working, he and my orthopedic surgeon talked me into getting a spinal cord stimulator. I'm 2 weeks post-op and I thank God that I chose this path. My low back, and foot pain are almost gone, my sciatic pain is about 60% gone. I will be going in Friday for my checkup as well as getting the stimulator re-programed which should take care of my sciatic pain. The surgery isn't painless, but I'm so happy with the results, I want to spread the word to people who are suffering with low back and sciatic nerve pain. My life has been on hold for the past 14 yrs, I even divorced my husband of 30 years because he just didn't get it..... that I was in horrible pain.


My husband, 71 yrs old, has had the l3,4 surgery with a titanium disc and screws, also has heart complications and had a pacemaker put in after heart bloc during last surgery. He is almost 1 yr out, continues exercise after 3 months of rehab and 2 months of outpatient pt. He continues to have neck and arm pain, his numbness is gone and dr says everything looks ok. His pain is severe after a few hours of sitting up and hurts 24/.7. Massaging his neck, and heat from a "bed buddy" we purchased at Walgreens helps tremendously. He does not see a pain management dr. He needs to be alert to teach his Sunday School class. I am seeing from these posts, this must be a lifestyle of pain.