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Herniation 2x in one week!

Started by 1172526531@facebook on 08/19/2012 11:20pm

I had a herniation of L5-L6 on June 28th. I literally could not walk. If I tried, it felt like I was being electrocuted. Ambulance was called and When I got to the hospital had an MRI and my spine was obliterated. OUCH!
Was taken into Emergency surgery. Neurosurgeon told me he removed 4 pieces of my disc that had broken off. I did well and was released. A few days later developed a very nasty headache when standing only. I knew I had a spinal leak (csf leak) due to the fact just 18 months ago I had brain surgery for an aneurysm and had complications with a csf leak. I knew that headache from a mile away. Proceeded back to ER and there it was a massive spinal leak and I reherniated again! Back into surgery to open me up and find the leak and remove more disk? This time I had to stay 8 days due to the spinal leak. I guess my questions are,, When does the pain stop. I am still sore, have burning pain in the back of my legs, and my feet are still going asleep.
I am so frustrated, I am very active and have a demanding job. I don't have anytime left at work. And I feel like I am not getting better. Am I being impatient? I read about failed back surgeries? How will I know if this has failed and I need a fusion? I just want some opinions from others that have had experienced this.

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About 7 years ago I had a herniated disc L5, I also had a discectomy. Just weeks after surgery I felt like something popped, but did not have the funds to have another MRI. Now in my 7th year after surgery, I have acute back pain and degenerative disc disease at L5 - they want to do fusion. I have never felt that the surgery was good the first time - I never went without some type of pain. It increased each year, it is now so severe that each step, movement...causes pain enough to buckle me at my knees. I am refusing the fusion - I have read different articles which say it helps for a while but the draw back is it can cause other discs below or above to degenerate. So for me - I went with a tens unit (back shocker) . It helps trick the nerves enough for me to move. You have a 50-50 chance with the unit working. It isn't perfect - but it is enough along with the help of pain killers to get me mobile. I will do that until there is absolutely no other way - physical therapy also helped but it is a life long commitment.