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??? Hardware Removal....L4-L5

Started by MLT01 on 07/28/2012 9:03am


I'm new to this site! I have been going through allot of back issues since 1999 from a simple surgery to brain surgery to place a shunt.

I had a staph infection in the spine and a massive spinal leak which put me into the hospital for 3 months and then through out the years...In 2009 I finally had my 360 fusion on L4-L5 the reason for this was I had Spondylolisthesis due to all the infections from staph, and Osteomyelitis and meningitis.

In Oct. 2010 I had a revision because of loose hardware and a FAILED fusion. In April 2011 the fusion was a SUCCESS!!! I was feeling great..Still had aches and pains but, it's normal for my history....

These past few months I have a taken a turn for the worse!!! I'm in terrible pain, sitting, walking, standing, especially lying down and intamacy...I have EXSTREAM PRESSURE in my L4-L5 and the rectum area.... My hip are also not right. I'm 37 but, I feel like 90...

I'm going for an MRI next week to check the S1...Also the hardware is a question and a question about removing...

My question is...Is there anyone else going through this and if so what was your outcome, did you have hardware removed ect.


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