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alternative procedures to (more) discectomies?

Started by Jack Dybas on 07/13/2012 5:19pm

In the past twenty years I've had three (one very recent) in the L1, 2, 3, and 4 region and based on what my last neurosurgeon told me "I'll be back" for more. I am looking for alternatives, such as fibrin intradiscal injections (clinical trials might be over) or stem cell (mesoblast) clinical trials, or rhizotomy, or ... ? It would be great if there was a center out there somewhere that could act as a gatekeeper for alternative possibilities and provide much needed guidance. Has anyone had either of these treatments and are you willing to provide "lessons learned" or advice or recommendations?
(My back - which has bulging discs as well as past discectomies to take care of ruptured discs, has been variously described as arthritic, degenerative, "bad", etc.. I am only 57 years old, not overweight, ex-high scholl and college gymnast, who sees a steadily declining quality of life in the future for me unless I find some viable alternatives.)

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There are many new therapies on the horizon. One in particuliar is bmp 7 injections which totally regenerates the disc. Unfortunetly the fda will only allow its use in limited cases of non union bone fractures and some spinal fusions. The clinical data is fantastic with complete regeneration of disk
nucleus in about 90 days. The time it takes the fda to move a product to market from clinical trials is about ten years if the company is lucky. The nationwide trial on bmp 7 concluded this year at many centers across the usa. One center in particuliar comes to mind and it is the La spine institute in Sana Monica California. Dr Hydae Bae is the chief investigator. Hopefully the research data will be diseminated to free countries like China where one could travel to get new treatments. Good luck


I also am interested in alternate methods of treating herniated discs after previous disectomies.