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Scheduled my PLIF

Started by 1259110589@facebook on 05/30/2012 3:18pm

I've been mostly lurking, but wanted to post. I have spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis, among other things, and went to a neurosurgeon today for a second opinion before I decided on surgery. His opinion was the same as the ortho...PLIF is needed. So we scheduled the procedure for July 10.

I have a pretty good idea what is all involved...but I know I'm going to go through the major anxiety issues now leading up to surgery. I'm no stranger to surgical issues...but part of the ordeal for me is going through a process of almost grieving for the loss of a "normal" body, free of instrumentation, etc. So I'm feeling kind of queasy and nauseous right now. :( Thinking about the pain I'll go through...recovery issues...general unknowns. I feel like I could use a valium or something today. LOL Just need to vent, I guess.

Thanks for reading...any words of encouragement or advice on anything related to the surgery would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, it's a PLIF for L5 S1.

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Hi Kelli,
As you were "lurking" around you've probably come across my post from my fusion. I have received some great support and waiting for surgery was one of the toughest times. I ended up having my surgery postponed a week 3 days before surgery and in that week i thought I would go crazy! My advice would be to get as much exercise in as you are able to tolerate now, prepare your home, get your hair cut a week before, nails, etc that last week. I know it sounds funny but the pain sitting through those "Maintenance" womenly tasks were well worth it. I'm 5+ weeks post op and still not able to do those things so glad I had them done right before. Also, not sure if you are on pain meds but if you are try and cut back as much as you can. I didn't and had a problem that first day getting the pain under control....just my opinion.
Another thought...make sure to take stool softeners post surgery. I also did not take others advice and boy did I regret that. Not only did it take almost 2 weeks, it was very painful!! Another thought..lol...you will most likely receive antibiotics. As a woman, if you have had any prior issues with yeast infections from AB use you may want to ask for an oral treatment before you leave the hospital.
If you are like me you've probably read lots of horror stories and difficult recoveries. I was very scared going into surgery but although the first day was rough (I hardly remember it now) each day the pain got significantly better. Walk as much as you can, as frequently as possible when you get home. I attribute the walking and a positive attitude to my fast recovery.
Sorry if my response is all over the place:)
My last bit of advice is a body pillow. I use it to sleep on my side and then i just fold it in half when i lay on my back with my legs proped up. When in bed I wore something that was silky which made it MUCH easier to reposition myself with minimal strain. Pick yourself up on of those "grabber" gizmo's. You can only pick up so many things with your toes!
Hope the advice is helpful and the preparation will keep you busy :)
P.S. don't forget the laundry. My husband is still doing it. I probably could but why stop a good thing!
Best of luck to you and let me know if you have any questions.