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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

Severe hip and leg pain 3weeks post surgery: Lateral interbody fusion and minimally invasive posterior fusion L2-L3

Started by SF25 on 05/23/2012 8:10am

I had surgery, L2-L3, Direct Lateral interbody fusion and minimally invasive posterior Fusion with rods and screws. This was 21/2 weeks ago. The back pain I was experiencing for 3 years prior to surgery is unbelievibly so much better! BUT about 5 days following surgery I began having terrible, excruciating pain in my left lower back, HIP, and down my leg that has not improved at all since it started. It is a burning, stabbing pain: worse in some positions; and hurts to walk.
My surgeon seemed perplexed--said there may have been some bleeding around some nerves and the pain should go away with time. The nurse had told me that it was not uncommon for lower back post surg. patients to sometimes have hip pain following the surgery, but did not explain why.
I am concerned because I am having to take pain meds now-almost as much as a few days after surgery, but not for my back! but for my left hip and leg. I would like a better explanation of why this has occurred if anyone can explain it to me. And, although probably most unlikely, I wonder if I need to be concerned with a blood clot in the area where the surgeon said there could have been bleeding.

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Maybe I can get some advice if I phrase it different. I had surgery (fusion L2-L3) 21/2 weeks ago. After terrible lower back pain for nearly 3 years, this surgery was well worth it! My back, other than the healing incisions, and a very low level of pain, is doing great!
My problem is that one of my hips, buttocks area, and down my leg, is terribly painful.
This started about 3-4 days after surgery and has not let up since. I am taking Percocet and muscle relaxers much more for the pain I am having in my leg than post-surgery back pain.
Can anyone explain this? or experienced this themselves?
I would very much appreciate any advice and/or knowledge of similar situations.