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Posted in: Back pain.

Spinal stenosis

Started by Brando08 on 05/07/2012 9:38pm

Looking for advice...

I had a herniated disc in my l5-s1 in '05. I choose to have a micro-discetomy and allievate the numbess I was feeling down my left leg. Fast forward to know I know have chronic pain in my lower back with sciatic pain down my right leg. I have been to all the top spine surgeons in nyc for opinions and they seem to think a single level fusion should do the trick. My concern is do I domitmand end up better or hold out for more advanced technology and less invasive proceeds in the future. My fear is that I end up worse like my last surgery. I am always in discomfort and I known to people who have got fusions and feel great. I don't smoke and I am not overweight , I am physically still active and I have been told my success rate is good. Has anyone had a single level fusion who is in good health with no underlying health issues who felt better after they got the procedure done?

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