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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

Chronic lower back pain

Started by celticman on 05/07/2012 11:01am

Hello everybody. I have joined this site, hoping to find help, as im sure you are to. I was watching CBS Sunday morning news/C. Ossgood, and i was wondering if anybody out there, has had this fibrin treatment done in their lower back/ L4-5 S1 area? and if it has worked. I hurt my back, back in 1983-4 and, back then they did not have MRI,s so i did not finnd out that i had l4-5 s1 problems till 1995-6. I have seen 4-6 sp. who all say there is nothing they can do for me. When i saw this fibrin product, i thought is this possible. I have recently started seeing a pain Dr., and had another epiduril, no help their. I hope to get some new info from some where, and i hope all you lower CNRONIC back pain suffers do to. Regards, celticman.

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Hi celticman. I too am a low back, chronic pain, sufferer. I had a micro discectomy for my herniated disc (L5/S1) back in 2006. Little to no help, now it's almost worse than before. I have severe pain on the left side, down the leg. It's starting to get worse on the right side now too. Yeah!!! Anyway, after 10 chiropractors, steriod injections, stretching, walking, swimming, every kind of treatment-------no pain relief. I take too many pain killers and am tired of it. I have been trying to find more out about Dr. Kevin Pauza and how the fibrin injections work. I emailed there place in Tyler TX twice with no response yet. I hope this is for real and is the answer we are looking for. Fusion surgery is not what I want!!!