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sacral iliac pain

Started by Neecy926 on 05/02/2012 10:06am

I felt such a difference after I went to a Chiropractor for the first time ever yesterday.
I have been suffering from low back pain since 2006. Had a 3 level fustion, discectomy, laminectomy and 6 scres 2 rods. Since surger my legs were different legnths. The surgeon, physical therapist, neurologist and pain management Drs all blew off the leg length difference and put me on meds, spinal injections (3) and was told to strongly consider spinal cord stimulator or learn to live with the pain. I cried many hours while laying in bed all doped up on pain meds in a terrible depression for 2 and a half yrs !!!
I couldn't live like that. Thoughts of ending it all fleetingly crossed my mind at times.
I decided I needed to do something and went to see a Chiropractor yesterday !!
The MDs blew me off when i mentioned all the research I didnt with all my symptoms. I came up with sacral iliac problems. The surgeon actually laughed at me telling me that the sacral iliac joint is actually one piece and basicly fused.
Well the Chiro practor took about an hour and a half with me talking and examining me. Few adjustments on the pelvic/sacral joints. I walk and sit better/longer. Only 1 visit ! i'm so looking forward to a great out come !

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