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"Sciatica" after total knee replacement

Started by gem on 04/28/2012 8:17pm

Has anyone here had a knee replacement, which then developed into "full blown" "sciatica"? The first knee failed and had a second one placed (a revision). None of this has helped with any of the pain. I do have some moderate DDD changes at L5S1, with some spinal stenosis present at L5 also. However, prior to the knee replacement, I did not have this constant pain. No matter what we do PT, Chiropracter, Prolotherapy, massage, which helped temporarily etc.
I wonder during surgery, what position they had me in? I have very hypermobile joints, which does not help, I know!!!!!!!!!!! Never broken a bone in my life, but all the "stuff" that holds it together seems to cause all kinds of havoc. Years ago when I had a knee scope done , it was a PT that figured out that the perifomis was causing alot of problems. And I think still is! Last May also learned that I have a partially torn tendon in that left hip, also. Which clouds the picture even more. There are other things going on that I will not mention at this time. It is too overwhelming for me, much less someone else. If appropriate I will post more in the future. Thanks! Hope to hear from someone out there!!!!!!!

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