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Can Someone PLEASE HELP ME Pain from Discectomy?

Started by protrax5 on 04/26/2012 12:52pm

I was a perfectly healthy 42 yr old Woman as of last sept, 2011. I started having difficulties going to the restroom, both bowels and bladder. Ended up with a catheter for over a month and crazy things happening. Massive abdominal distention, bigger than when I gave birth to any of my 4 kids. 6 weeks later, I went to stand up and had total paralysis of my legs. I had an emergency discectomy spinal fusion c4 c7. Regained use of legs and eventually able to stop cathing myself. As soon as I got home from hospital I got shingles. The pain was excruciating. I also has nerve damage to my eye (Horners) and my right eye barely opens and need surgically repaired. NOW, I have been hospitalized 2x more for crazy things. Massive edema, and the most EXCRUCIATING pain in my right shoulder blade. 4 kids naturally and I would have a baby every day to get rid of this pain. Drs say its not related to my surgery. Now my joints, knees, hands have blown up. I have massive night sweats, completely soaking bed 2x night at least, nausea all day no reliefe from anti nause meds. I can not move for probably first 3hrs of the day. Crawling. I cant take care of my 2 small kids. Went to a different spine Dr. than the one that did my surgery. They did Mri of shoulder and said Polymyalgia but blood test said not the case. I am as of last week om 60 Mg of prednisone which for the first 2 days I felt better. Now, nothing. The pain meds ( Dilauded) dont begin to help. I have done and seen everyone. Rheumatologist cant get me in for over 3 months. I cannot live with this pain. It has been 8 months and Im homebound. Cant wear shoes, clothes. 30 Lbs weight gain in a week. Nobody can help or even has a clue. I am not able to do this much longer. I simply cant. Anybody have any kind of ideas or thoughts??????PLEASE. I feel like the surgery opened a whole new can of worms. I was paralyzed before but I would even take that over this.

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i was reading your post im not a dr . but iv seen a lot and been through a lot have you been checked for crones or loupus crones can cause savere abdominal pain and loupus cancause muscular and joint pain and discomfort and is often over looked my sister has some of your symtoms and for a long time they couldnt find any reason for it till drs tried a long shot and found she was in stage 3 loupus its just a suggestion hope its not but hope this helps


Wow.. I have NOT been tested for Lupas. when I read about it is like hitting the nail on the head. The Joints, fevers, itching, chest pains,edema of lower extremities, on and on.Simply Wow. How could they be missing so many symptoms. Thank you!!!! I will follow up ASAP..