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being a veitnam vet and being pain

Started by 100003758919730... on 04/23/2012 7:32am

Istarted haveing numest in my legs about 10 yrs ago now its in my arms too.Is there more vets haveing this to .Ihave pain all over my body!

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Hi Barry I'm not a vet but my dads step brother is an served in Vietnam .
He had surgery on his neck about seven years ago do to bone dateriation.
He is now stricken with lower lumbar dateriation. He suffered from extreme headaches
For years as well. He was exposed to agent orange. This is a main cause of his health
Issues. Along with his two grow children. Do you know if you have bin exsposed to it as well?
I've been on this site for a while and don't recall any vets.
But keep trying. And thank you for serving for all of us in that war.
God bless you and your loved ones. I hope this help.

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Hi, its hard to give advised since I don't know you or your medical history. I am not a medical person but I like other people on this board have had experiences of neck and back issues for years.

Generally speaking, you need to get to a doctor so some test can be run. Perhaps a neurologist. The information you stated implies spine issues with nerve problems. If you wait to long you could be your own worst enemy.

To what degree if any damages who be determine by x-ray, MRI or CAT or any other diagnosis they feel is necessary.

I hope this is a start and you follow through. Please let use know.

Thanks Peter C.


thank you!!!!! the VA don;t want to see the probum. plaese call your congessman and ask them to help us


I suppose that these posts are from all over the country, but go asap to your local "VETS" hospital. You served us."THANK-YOU and GOD BLESS YOU and now time for you to get some help. Don't wait a minute longer! I have been in the back pain management (business?) for over 25 years . My situation is different from yours, but find yourself the BEST DR. that you can, as a starting point. In Buffalo, NY -try Bernard Hsu, at The Vets Hospital. Best and prayers.