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MRI Results, need help on what is wrong

Started by 502519028@facebook on 04/21/2012 11:19pm

Back in 2004 I used to work at an airport as a ground worker, lifting heavy luggage and such. Make long story short I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve and did physically therapy. I did not keep up with my exercise but I did it from time to time. Pain came and went but my legs still weak. Fast forward to this year, I lifted a few heavy things and played my sport I am so passionate about, tennis, the pain has become so unbearable. I feel weakness in my legs and pain down my legs especially down my left leg. I recently had an MRI and it said this:

My MRI says the alignment of the lumbar spine shows mild straightening of the lumbar lordosis. Vertebral body heights are symmetric. Disc desicaation L4-5, L5-S1. No bone marrow edema. The conus medullaris is normal. L1-2, L2-3, L3-4 are normal. L4-5- diffuse disc bulge flattening the anterior thecal sac. Small central annular tear. AP canal greater than 10 mm. No significant neural foraminal narrowing. L5-S1 left paracentral disc herniation. Disc extends approx 10 cm. There is no significant neural foraminal narrowing.

What are my options besides going to my dr, which I am. I am not a person that takes pain medication, I cannot stand it. I prefer natural remedies.

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hi im not a dr but i do know of a chiropractic firm that deals with remedies that are med free and they have a treatment called disc decompression it basically stretches the spine to releive preasures to the spine and disc to give a chance to natrally heal its not an overnight fix but most back problems take multiple treatments and can be costly if you dont have insurance the machine is called the drx 5000 not a lot of drs have it because its costly but its effective hope this helps