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Advice, For a college student

Started by ucfstudent on 04/18/2012 9:32pm

Heres my story,

I was 17, only 4 years ago. One night I got in another bad argument with my Dad and needed to leave the house to escape the abuse. I lost my footing and fell 2 stories trying to leave my home.
I broke my back and wrist, not sure exactly what lumbar but I had a spinal fusion what looks like to be 4 bolts and 2 bars. The scar goes from just below my shoulder blades down to above my tailbone.

I been taking pain killers (opana ER) for past few years, and been slowly coming off of them. I feel like Ive been losing my mind from the constant upper, mid, and lower back pain. I can no longer sleep, concentrate on anything other than the pain, or do any activities like surfing or running which I so dearly cherished before my accident.

I'm about to graduate with a Bachelor in Science in Psychology from UCF, and have lost all my long term memory it seems.. I feel like im going to lose it and kill myself sooner or later.

I don't believe in miracles, but is there anything one can do to make the pain go away without medication? My surgeon doesn't seem interested in removing the hardware, and just pushes me aside to pain management doctors. They have done numerous epidurals and burning of the nerves but none help. I am not myself when medicated, and seemed to have lost all hope of any dreams i once had growing up.

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The Lord only gives us we can handle. He knows the pain you are going through but he sees something else for you. I pray you find some spiritual guidance to provide you calmness. You need to learn that this is something that has happened to you and you have to work on keeping going. I have just realized that the Lord made me this way at Birth for my purpose in life to share with others and learn from others. You are about to venture into a wonderful profession of Psychology. The pain can be so bad that you want to retreat from others but people will give you the umph you need to work through the pain. I’m going to share a bit about myself. I do not want you to feel bad but understand that others are struggling as well and you can strive to get out of your depression mode and proceed to do great things as you graduate from college. I have lived with back pain all of my 35 years. I was born with scoliosis(curvature), rod implanted (T4-L2) when I was 15 yr old to stop my spine from curving, Arthritis in left HIP at 20 and same in right HIP at 25. Now rod is broken in 2(not 1 whole piece). I have begun to meet with a neurosurgeon who works with my primary physician and pain specialist. The neurosurgeon told me thursday that I now have DDD(bones under L2 end of rod) are deteriorating and causing more pain. I already have levoscoliosis, kyphosis and stenosis. I have just realized that the Lord made me this way at Birth for my purpose in life to share with others and learn from others. My pain specialist has given me a muscle relaxer and Tylenol codeine to take when the pain is so bad but I do not like taking pain pills if it will impair my ability to go about my day. I have a pain patch that I wear in place of oral meds but most days it does not provide the usual relief. My neurosurgeon suggested I started an injection to help the DDD pain I have. I informed my doctor that I am against being awake for these because of the sensitivity I have about my back. He told me that I will be sedated. Always remember that back problems are different for everyone.