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Have tried everything for Stenosis, Degenerative Disc, Thorasic outlet......

Started by Terri Young on 02/26/2012 11:41am

I have been through physical therapy, trigger point injections, epidurals, nerve blocks, Radio frequency ablations, and so many different kinds of medication. Medication for seizures, neuropathy meds. , Antidepressants, and every pain med. that has ever been made, seems like. I also have a spinal cord stimulator in my lower back. I was told that I am too arthritic to have one put in my upper back where most of my pain is. And I am still in so much pain that it is keeping me from living a life. And at times I can hardly stand myself. I see a psychiatrist every month and join council groups when I can.
Does anyone have any suggestions as what I might try next? Or a good doctor to see? A clinic trial that might be of help to me? I am so desperate for help, please. Open to any and all advice. Thank you.

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Have you Tried Dr. Ronald Daluton - website healyourbulgingdisc.com Telephone #866-897-7708. I am interested to know. He has some interesting info on his site and I am tempted to order. If you have tried him to no avail please let me know