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L4-5 & S1 fusion 9 years ago, now 5 degree curve developed now

Started by ninagrandma on 02/05/2012 12:36pm

I had spinal fusion in 2003 with L4-5 and S1 with titanium plating and my own donor bone. I had a large enough spur to provide the bone. I fell in this past November and had an x-ray of that area because I was having pain in my left lower back, like before I had the surgery. The x-ray did show that where I had the surgery I developed a 5 degree curve which is quite evident on the x-ray. I am now retired but worked as an RN for 30 years and heavy lifting etc. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what are going to be my options? I appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thanks:)

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did you have titanium plates or rods and screws?
if your hardware hasn't moved there could be a new problem else where of the spine.
someone else on here was in a car and got hit from behind.
he had rods and screws like me.
he was hit hard enough that the rod slipped from the lock screw.
inturn he had a slight twist to one side.
maybe you might start with a new MRI.
maybe get in touch with your doctor for the pain.
i hope things get better for you.
i'll pray for you.