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Pain Pump information

Started by tsj444 on 01/21/2012 12:11pm

I only recently stumbled onto this web page while looking for information about pain pumps. My condition isn't exactly like those talked about in your discussions, however pain is pain, and Chronic Pancreatitis gives more than a person should have to suffer with. I recently had a discussion with my pain management doctor and after a couple of years of progessively higher doses of narcotics, and two different neuro stimulators I've had enough and asked for some suggestions. He wants me to consider two different approaches of which the pain pump is one, however he is negative about the pump for a reason called a granuloma. I read a page of postings here the other day and several folks had gone with the pump and no negatives were mentioned, and nothing about a granuloma forming. Does anyone have any first hand information about this problem with the pumps and is it as serious of a problem as he is making it out to be? Thank you in advance for any replys.

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