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Posted in: Back pain.

workmans comp

Started by Kevinl on 01/16/2012 8:28pm

I need some advice about dealing with workmans comp. At what point should I get a lawyer?

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Hi Kevini,
Firs of all i want to say so sorry for whatever has happened at work,bad news is you are dealing with a very unfair,corrupt system where you have to fight and prove you are truly injured and needing medical attention.You can look back over some of my previous posts.I was injured at work in June 2009 and i basically ended up getting an attorney 6 mos into my case when it became obvious that i was going to have to fight.Ended up with lumbar fusion in March 2009 and now waiting on possible neck surgery.What state do you live in?Attorney will not get paid until you settle and close.Hope this helps,and remember stay strong,these people who are supposedly there to help you are not on your side.Imagine that,i spent 29 years of my life caring for patients,and then when i needed the medical attention i had to fight for it.
Best wishes,
Nurse Nancy


Thank you for your help. I live in Bozeman Mt. And work comp. wants me to go all the way to missoula to see a panel of doctors. they are trying to see if this is pre existing. The injury is at L-5 the same spot I had surgery when I was is younger, 30 years ago. this injury is on the other side. so how can this be pre existing? I think I will get a lawyer before I go to missoula. Thanks again


Now 11 months into my work comp case they have denied me, saying my injury is preexisting my previous surgery 30 years ago was on the left side all of my problems since have been on the right L-4 L-5 exactly opposite.These people are extreamly corrupt and now I guess I'll have to fight them. I havent been able to play sports with my kids since the injury happend in june of 2011 that in itself should be worth something. I wonder how long this will take? Does anyone have any idea? Maybe by getting a lawyer at least I can get the fusion. lamonotomy is out of the question because I had the lamenectomy on the exact opposite side, and it would make my spine weak at that joint. ughhh!