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neck and back issue that effect hands and feet

Started by BARBIE C. on 01/02/2012 11:20pm

The pass 7 years I have been involved in trauma that was tooo beyond my control.
in 2005 a Police officer twisted my left arm and tore my labrum, leaned on my back with his knee causing my back to arch, while his knee was in my arche of my back and my left arm three quarters
up towards my neck. My other right arm was under my body stuck there and I couldn't get it out cause the Officer was on top of me. So with him holding me in this position all the while pulling my pony tail say "give me your other arm' I could speak because he was pulling my hair and he was the reason I couldn't get my right arm out. Again this took a toll on my body. My age was 52 at the time and I was tramatized mentally and physically. I have had my Labrum repaired but not my elbow and this still bothers me till this day because this was my left arm that he twisted. In 2009 my mother was very sick and needed my support and physical help. She was residing at my younger sisters house. In Dec 2008 my right shoulder was operated on stemming from the 2005 incident. Then after Dec 2008 in April 2009 my right shoulder was operated on again. While my mom kept calling me and saying my sister wasn't feeding her or taking care of her properly. The whole month of June 2009 my mom called me constantly saying that my sister was not feeding her. I couldn't get her to come to the phone and my right shoulder need physical therapy and yet I was torn to rescue my mom and get her into a better situation. When plans were made to leave my house for 1 1/2 hour ride and get my mother into some kind of Assisted living. I finally arrive at my sister house where the I called the Police and that office twisted my right arm that had been operated in Dec 2008 and April 2009. I continued to help my mother while trying to keep my head and health up mentally and physically. My mom was settle into Assistance Living while we had to attend court with my sister who falsafied her story. In 2009 I was in a car accident and the whole back of my Honda Civic was smashed and glass was everywhere in my hair, arms and all over me. I went to the hospital and several Mri's and xray taking. My lawyer put me into a Medical Facility which consisted with Chiro,Acupunture,P/T Pain Management doctors I wind up with neck, right arm and lower back problems. This was eventually handle out of court and I continued my treatments. In Jan 2011 was hit by a parked car pulling out of a spot causing my car to go onto and over the solid line. I was so devastated. I had to go back to treatments. I had an Emg, Mri's and Exray taking where they found that the treatment was not working and Pain management decided to aggressively treat me with Epadorales, Diskograms and finally a neck operation (not sure what it's called) but the Doctor went thru my neck to fuse my bones and take out the disk that was leaning on the nerves that caused tingling in my hand and a thobbing sensation. When I walk my dogs my feet sometime turn a blueish color and they are tingling, burning and throbbing. I want Doctor Arron Rovner to contact me because I faxed him all my results and doctor reports and told his Nurse Betsy (In Meodowlands Hospital where I had my neck operated) to please tell Dr Rovner I need attention on my lower back where on the Mri it shows the L-3,4,& 5 are bulging and the S-1.

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