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Bad L5- S1 Fusion Screws put in Wrong Place and Covered Up BY Doctors

Started by bayouking on 12/06/2011 3:01am

I had a L5-S1 fusion done in May of 2008 and never was right again. I worked with the doctor untill Nov. of 2010 trying all types of injections, had a spinal cord stimulator put in in Aug of 2009 that worked a little, worked with a pain management doctor, took a lot of pictures, CT Meylograms, MRI'S, Cat Scans, EMG's, Discogram, etc and the doctor said he never seen nothing wrong. I always complained of pain in my back and legs and told the doctor something is not right. The last time I seen Dr #1 was in Nov of 2010 after I had him work me up for another surgery to see if he could find something. His answer was he wanted to do explority surgery on L-5 and L-4 to see if he could find anything. I said no and I walked out and said I was Going to another doctor for another opionion. He said when I find out something let him know. I seen Dr #2 and she looked at my pictures and said I see whats wrong your spinal cord is being squeesed at L4 or L5 and I had her do surgery on me in 01-2011 and it worked some but I was still not right. She worked me up for another surgery and I took what she said to DR #3in 10-2011 for another opinion and come to find out that the SCREWS WERE PUT IN L-5 VERTERBRATE WRONG AND WENT THROUGH PUSHING ON L-4 FACET JOINT. This was where some of my pain was coming from the whole time. I also have eptopic bone growth at L-5 to that causes pain. When I seen Dr.#3 it was the first time anyone ever told me anything about the screws or eptopic bone growth and he don't understand why no one has not seen or said anything about this before, none of my test from the first 2 doctors say anything about the screws or bone.{ the paper reports you get} The first two doctors covered up for each other and caused me to be in cronic pain for years. I am looking to find out what type of legal action or who to report these doctors to. This is a close description of what happened but I take a lot of pain meds and other stuff from my doctor I might not have got every detail right but it is close to what hsa happened. Dr#3 showed me on Dr#2 cat scan pictures the screws and Eptopic bone growth and once again he don't know how this was missed or did they not want to tell me. Sorry for rambling on but the meds have kicked in and I just needed to vent some frustration.

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That's why they call it practice medicine. I walked around with L5 S1 disc in 3 pieces for 2 1/2 yrs with the same Doc telling me I didn't need surgery and lost 30lbs of muscle. Finally went to a real Doc and he didn't do a discogram test as he said nothing to test. Sorry for your pain. Wonder why we are so skeptical of surgery and Docs