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back problems since 1993 most resent surgery 4/26/2011

Started by cocola123 on 11/16/2011 9:56pm

I have been taking Roxicodone 15mg 1 tablet every 6 hours, but I have a new doctor and he has put me on Morphine Sulf ER 30 mg atone tablet every 12 hours and plus the roxicodone same dosage. My question to my doctor was I was tired of taking so many of the roxicodone and only wanted one or two tablets to knock out the pain. I hought he mention, and this is why someone should be in the room with me cause I forgot, but I thought he said Oxymorphine and a low dosage.I dont think 30 is a low at all to start on something especially morpine. He is trying to get my pain level to a level that doesnt fluctuate up and down all day long. So what is anyone opinion on this topic regarding medicine. So far my 2 tablets of morphine Sulfa ER works with 1 tablet of 15mg of roxicodone and then a time where I may take 2 roxicodone and still 2 morphine tablets. Any advise so I can tell my doctor I want just one pill?

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not sure what surgery you had.
but the more bang for the buck is the morphine sul.
its a time release tab.
and comes in a number of mg.
and yes i know what you mean about so many pills.
try the morphine sul and baclofen.
if not baclofen try gabapentin
see what your doctor may think.
they may change what your on do to how long you been on it too.


Hey all. I have had 2 lower lumbar fusions done. i am now seeing a doc for pain management. He started me on morphine sulfate 15 mg. Doesnt seem to be helping any! Should I try to ask and see what I can take with it to help me throughout the day?

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Hi, first give it a month and see how it works. If it gets you out of pain and moving again be thankful. Really thankful.


I am on Baclofen for part of my Pain Management and it is really a drug that would or imo should not usually be prescribed for acute pain it is actually for ongoing pain and used to treat MS and other nerve or neurological pain.