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Who is 7 Mos. past their surgery or longer, and what is your status ?

Started by rene on 11/10/2011 1:19am

A you still experiencing pain?
What pain scale?
Is it daily ?
Have you improved ?
back to work ?
To what extent are your increased/decreased abilities?

Just a fellow spine sufferer wondering how everyones doing? Am I the only one at this state im in ?

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Hi Rene,
I am about 8 mos status post lumbar fusion,although my condition has improved i still experience pain every day of my life,scale ranges i would say a 4 to a 8,never below that.Because i was such an active person pre -injury status ,this has been very difficult to except sometimes,but the truth and reality of spine injuries is we will always have some level of pain.Now it is all about trying to keep my pain to an acceptable level,and listen to my body.As hard as it is ,i CAN NOT do those things that cause me pain,and that includes lifting my grand children.This makes me sad,but i try every day to be grateful to God for what i have and focus on what i can do.Because i also have an injury to my cervical spine,three bad disks,i also live daily with neck pain.Just saw my doc yesterday and we had a discussion......do i just live with the pain,try the epidurals,or neck surgery?I am waiting for my hearing with the social security judge to see what might be in my future?I worked as a staff nurse for 29 years,i can not go back to that work,this also makes me sad,i loved nursing.So answer is ,i don't know for now.I don't know about work,another surgery......it is about taking one day at a time,accepting the changes in our body,being pro-active to be in the best condition you can .How are you doing Rene,and what are you feeling and what can you do?Are you considering going back to work?


HI, had a spinal fusion L5-s1 March of this year. I am doing very well, I think. I would say the highest my pain level is a 3. I've been in Pt for 7 months and was just released by my surgeon the other day. My back injury was work related so I had a fce, did work conditioning for 8 weeks and the outcome from my surgeron is permant restrcitions, light duty only, nothing over 10lbs. So, these disqualfies me from my former position. Waiting to hear back from case manager for work comp to see if my company is going to offer me another positon with my restricions or let me go. There will be a settlement they can also try and do vocational training where they help me find another job but not sure who is gonna hire me with my restrictions. Other wise I'm doing well. I do have limitations but you learn to live with them. I think with any sort of surgery which alters your body you are going to have limitations.
Nurse Nancy,
Sorry to hear you are still having troubles. I went and applied for social security, so will see what happens with that. I am still receiving work comp and will until I have another job or they settle. Thinking about going back to school for insurance billing/medical coding. What ya think? You were in the medical field so was wondering if there is much demand for this? I think I need to find a sit down job. Keep in touch think of you often and hope you are doing well.


I had L5-S1 one fused and while I was still on pain meds I was mowing the grass in 10 days and swimming a mile in 30 days. I had also wilted from 200lbs of muscle to 165lbs because 2 quacks local said I didn't need surgery, L5 came out in 3 pieces, no disco gram was orderd it was so bad by my real back surgeon I went right back and had a blown T11-T12 fused 5 months later and swimming a mile in 30 days took myself off morohine after 6 months but I needed hydrocodone as I was really rushing that one. Also depends on what kind of access they did to you. They never cut any of my back muscles so that really helped, in from the gut lumbar and XLIF thoracic.

Hope you are feeling better


I've had 2 surgeries first in 1983 L5 L6 and then C4 5 in 2005, The first surgery in 83 took forever, about 5 years to feel decent, but I recovered from the surgery in 05 fairly fast, I was up and around in about 3 weeks and gradually built up to go back to work within 3 months. I was released by my doc to go back to work in 6 weeks. I wasn't up to it though. And fortunately I was in a position that being off work wasn't a big deal. the biggest thing I learned is to force myself to move around a bit daily and build that up, I can do it slowly if I need to, but the longer I stay down the harder it is to get back up.


Hi Mary Ann,
I think it is great to do anything in the medical field,however do you think you could sit through an eight hour shift.What state do you live in,in California we only get payed for 2 years,i will be praying for you for social security and can you do the same for me?My back is doing better but my doc plans on taking the hardware out ,probably in March.Do you feel okay to go back to work?
Take Care,
Nurse Nancy


Hi Nancy,

Sitting for 8 hours not sure I could do that now. Maybe with being able to get up and move around. I do feel up to working again, but definetely not at my prior job which caused my injury. I still have some limitations and aches and pains off and on but I would say my pain level is 3 most days. I'm still taking tramadol 2-3x a day. I do feel little lost. Trying to keep up on my exercises at home that I did at PT. I have a theraputic ball and some 3lb weights. I'm walking but indoor now at the local high school. I live in Indiana so the weather is begining to turn cold. The day the surgeon released me with restrictions PT stopped that day as well. On my own. Have not heard anything back from the case manager who is suppost to be letting work comp know my restrictions and if they are taking me back with them or what. So I sit her in limbo. Bored alot most days, wanting to start school. Will definetely keep you in my prayers for SS. Keep in touch and pray your feeling better.