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Bowel and Bladder Issues?

Started by rn2006 on 10/24/2011 12:21pm

Hi everybody!
I have a history of a L5-S1 fusion in March of 2010. The past few months I have been having increasing issues of urge incontinence and wetting the bed. I also have problems with feeling an urge to evacuate my bowels.

Saw family doctor. Urinalysis was negative for a bladder/kidney infection. Sent to OB/GYN. No organ prolapse. Wanted to start medication which I refused. I am already taking at least 15 pills a day and the urinary medications are severely constipating. I have enough issues with that. He stated he is thinking it may related to my lumbar fusion and the spinal nerves. Anyone out there experience this?

Ps-Have also had a 4 level cervical fusion in 2004.

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I have yet to put my story up on here. I will tell you my problems are of the L1-L4 region. I have a slighter version of the urinary and bowels are the same. Pretty much never solid either... I am guessing like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Your not alone. I did not even know how far my problems might go until I paid out of pocket for copies of records. Docs never told me what they think it might be... but they wrote it down. I am a guy so no OB for me. Just to be on the safe side, you might try to get them to refer you for an MRI for a view of what might be going on in your lumbar area.


Thanks Zeeipad,
I was hoping someone would not be embarrassed to reply to my post. These issues are really affecting my quality of life. As if the chronic pain is not enough!! Spoke to my family doctor about the OB/GYN appointment. He suggests that I see my orthopaedic surgeon. I was hoping it would be a easy fix. I should know better, it is never an easy fix :)
I will keep you posted.!!!


Hi rn2006,
as far as I know signs/symptoms of bowel control is cauda equina, if it is it has to b addressed immediatly, call ur neuro surgeon and they will order an immediate MRI.Im hoping its not but best u notify neuro n inform them this is an issue ur dealing with. Feel better n good luck.RENE.:)


I could tell you some horror stories about the loss of bladder and bowel, I have numerous problems with my back , neck, and legs, the pain never stops..3 BD ( of course they are in my C,L,S) DDD, IBS, Fibro,CFS.. I can pass gas and totally soak myself, or have the runs when I am out.. I have told all my docs, neuro, PC, ortho, artho nothing has been done.. I also have had my bladder tacked several times and through my c-section, hesto incision area. Good luck if you get help!! God bless someone that can help you..


I know & understand how aggravating this condition is. I STRUGGLE with bladder control issues. I don't what to say to ya. When I lose my bladder control, it usually happens when I'm out of the house on appointments. It's embarrassing!!!!! Do you feel like this?