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Posted in: Back pain.

Hey All,

Started by frankiehammy on 10/17/2011 5:53pm

Just had surgery, and I feel great! Thought I would tell you guys about it. I decided to avoid normal spinal fusion, and opted for a minimally invasive laser surgery. The actual procedure was only 30 minutes long, and I was good to go after about 15 minutes of recovery. My wife was there to drive me home, but I was fine and able to do it myself. The procedure was yesterday, and I don't have too much pain at all. Just a little discomfort. The facilility was very pretty too, great location. Just want to tell everyone I am well!

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im so very happy to hear of your successful surgery. I will
however warn you that this is the most dangerous time for anyone
experiencing successful surgery. For any spinal condition is not simply
a broken appendage which can be casted and set. With a set period of time
for recovery.
Your spine has been compromised. Dont let any doctor/surgeon tell you that 'now you
can go back out there and do whatever you love to do without consequences'. That is complete bulls___..
You must determine what caused your spinal problem. That will determine your ultimate recovery. Please forgive my passion.But
i am so tired of doctors handing out surgeries like office candy.


spinelesssteve, funny name!

They told me I do have to be careful, but the beauty of the surgery is its quick recovery time. I feel a bit stiff right now, but other than that I am good. Totally satisified with my procedure!


Update to whoever cares:

I think I am fully recovered. My students noticed a change in me too; "You stand when doing problems now, and not sit at your desk." That is a welcome change!