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Inflammation pain

Started by jenny23-6 on 10/12/2011 4:03pm

I was in a car accident 7 weeks ago and am suffering significant back pain ever since. It' s gotten worse as time goes on. I was given 2 steroid shots in the ER and am still taking Meloxicam. I started taking Vicodin about 3 weeks ago because the pain was so bad. I had my 2nd spinal fusion back in Dec. L4-L5 connected to my 1st fusion, L5-S1 and was doing so well. I get my 1st epidural injection this Friday but I guess I'm just frustrated with this new pain. I was told it was due to inflammation and sacroiliac pain. Has anyone had issues with something like this and how long can inflammation last?

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HI jenny,
INFLAMMATION IS the route to all or pains or discs pressing on spinal nerve. my issue is the inflammation, usually takes me 3 - 4 days for inflammation to subside n pain b bearable even on pain meds..What happens is when they do surgery thy cut nervevroot endings and after we have these surgeries anything can infame them causing us pain it could take up to a year for these areas to heal.( Hope u take a daily anti-inflamatory) just a recomendation. n u might have to experiment w a few b4 u find the right one that works for u,plus they take 2 wks to hit a good therapeuitic level in ur body to help w future outbreaks. Just a wrong movement or to much walking or maybe u did too much one week would also cause inflammation. speak to wichever doc ur working w. (neuro,orthopedic or just ur primary) to obtain meds u need,thdy may also recommend a pain mngmt doc, which sounds like ur already seing, cause their the ones who do the injections.. Good luc to u , feel better n welcome to the group. :)


Thanks for the info! I am not on a anti-inflammatory so I'll ask about one:)