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*Chronic Back Pain - anyone ever try this ?

Started by arlie on 10/11/2011 11:15pm

Having Chronic Low Back Pain from 2 Laminectomy's - Fusion - L-4/5 ,S-1 / *Hardware ... from ten years ago ,
iv'e tried everything . Nothing has really worked / from pain management Dr.'s for very long , as often others having chronic pain in the Back will attest too .
Finally , while in MT. Shasta California visiting and having the usual day of severe *Chronic pain in my lower
back , it was suggested I try Massage Therapy for the 1st. time . The fellow I saw , whatever he did > I felt so
much better the rest of the day . He recommended that when I return here to my home in Washington , I find
a massage*Therapist who works with people having *chronic pain issues . So I will be looking into finding such
a person . Mr. Matthew Bueno said it can do a person a world of good to feel better . You won't know until you try it . Good luck .

Arlie / C.

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Did they have to do anything differently than a regular massage because of your fusions? I also have L4-S1 fused and a massage sounds great!


dear jenny -

yes , important thing is to tell therapist of your back history . i am here back in Washington
State and have gone to a massage therapy session > for just a *general swedish tissue
massage in the lower lumbar area . idea was to promote breaking up the scar tissue . it will
take some sessions to work in and around the fusion / incesion area . i was told by the spine
specialist a good massage every so often , can't hurt . *therapist said to stay with the same
person who will give you the sessions , will *get to know the pressure areas to work on . i was
told to go for a massage about once every 3+ weeks . doing this , by any means won't make
one's pain go away entirely . but the relief i got was well worth the money i discovered .
if after going to get a massage a few times , and it isnt making any change for comfort / then
stop . good luck to you .

arlie C.


Massage stimulates the release of endorphins. I always feel better after a massage. It's one of many ways I control my chronic back pain. Meditation also helps!