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What is fusing the back if the front is already fused

Started by Joeybobbie on 10/06/2011 11:36am

I have 4 fusions in my neck and 2 in the lumbar area, The Dr. wants to try removing the hardware from the front of my neck because the screws are coming loose and going into my throat. He said he wants to fuse the back of my neck now. I was thinking all they could fuse was where the disc was so I have no idea what he is talking about. Anyone know what he is talking about.

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Hi Joey Bobby,
How are you?I believe they will use a plate to give you more stability.But not positive.One thing i know is you should have not left your doctor's office until he answered all your questions......that is what he is getting paid for.Hope all goes well,keep us updated.
Nurse Nancy


Hi Joey
Wow that's a lot of fusions. I had a fusion at L5/S1, they fused the front of the spine with a bone graft from my hip and put instrumentation in the back. It was explained to me that it was to stabilize the area. I had the hardware removed after 2 years as it was causing pain, but there was nothing else done at this time as the whole space had fused together forming one solid joint. you should ask the surgeon to explain to you what he intends to do and why, after the surgery is too late.

Good luck.


If the screws are coming loose in the front of your neck, my thought is that he is thinking of removing the front hardware and replacing with hardware in the back of the neck because you still need the stability. Maybe the back of neck is more suitable for holding the screws and new hardware? I would definitely call his office with your questions and concerns. Evidently, the surgeon did not make things very clear to you. Anytime you are contemplating surgery, you have the right to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Wow...before undergoing another invasive surgery such as a fusion, I would definitely get a second opinion from another orthopedic spine surgeon. It cannot hurt to have another set of eyes look at your films and evaluate your situation.