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Started by nannycar on 09/30/2011 6:13pm

I was diagnoised, with AA, many years ago [ 1982 ] I have had 3 fusions, 3 rods + 4 hartshill triangles , inserted in my spine , also it was dischargeing a fluid for aprox 2 years , A nurse came out to me every day to change the dressing, then i was sent to a Plastic Surgeon, he put skin over the place that was leaking, to this day u can see the circle were he put the skin , every so often it seems as if it is filling up, and i get pain from it ,A consultent put anasetic in and i think he withdrew some fluid out, he told me that my GP could do it for me,In jan 82 i fell down my stairs in my home,i did a lot of damage to my spine, I was given a Mylogram, myodil was used, and I no now that it rots the nerves down the spine, for many years i was given pain killers, but erlier this year i was given gabapentin, It was a on caller Doc that came out to me, he said it is not a pain killer it is for the nerve endings,, It has helped, but to night for the first time since my fall i had broken my shoulder and my clevical, it has never bothersd me,untill tonite, the pain that came from it made me cry, in not soft, but I couldnt understand after all these years why that should give me so much pain ,it lasted about 1 hour, I have taken 2 Naproxen tablets 250 gr each, they must have worked because the pain has gone,I am sorry to have gone on like this, but when i have gone to my Doctor,s a different 1,they have never heard about AA, can you please tell me who is the best sort of consultent to go and see about my condition,yours sincerly Jean Chambers, x

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