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Posted in: Back pain.

late fusion failure

Started by cusser1 on 09/18/2011 8:16pm

i had 4 back surgeries between 2002-2004. 1. lamenectomy-diskectomy 2. fusion of l-4,l-5,s-1. screw on left side came loose so dr. did revision surgery #3. went back to work 6 months later. did not feel right. after 8 months. had another revision, screw loose again same screw. dr. put "biggest screw he could and fusion gel sent me back to work 6 months later. that was 2004. recently having pain in area of loose screw after working construction problem free since 2004. I am extremely worried. could it be scar tissue, or can screw still be issue? used to swim 4 times a week but had to stop due to shoulder failure. don't understand all this pain, no new injury just came on little at a time.

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